Bruce McLaughlin, a native of Jacksonville and Miami, Florida, is a nurse practitioner and a co-founder of Mt. Juliet Family Care.

Bruce spent the early part of his career as a Navy hospital corpsman during the Vietnam War. When he was discharged, Bruce knew he was hooked on medicine, so he enrolled in school to become a nurse. For the next ten years, Bruce held high-intensity positions as an emergency department supervisor, flight nurse and a mobile intensive care unit transport nurse. Then came a moment in the back of an ambulance, where Bruce realized he wanted to do more to help people live healthy lives so he returned to school.

Now, as a nurse practitioner, Bruce uses his wealth of experience plus his natural love of science and wellness to help families get and stay in their best health. And, in 2004, he expanded on that dream by opening Mt. Juliet Family Care with Jim Cheeks.

Bruce is married to Kathi, who served in the Army for eight years, and they have one son, Nathan. One of Bruce's proudest moments was being there when his son hit an over-the-fence home run in little league baseball.

Bruce loves to pass his time listening to audiobooks. That may sound tame, but ask Bruce to share stories about his time doing medical transports on Lear jets and twin-engine Cessna 420s. Despite engine loss, flame outs, brake loss, flap failure and icing on the wings - just to name a few, he still managed to save lives along the way!